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Nicaragua is now becoming a retirement hotbed of Central America. Retiring in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua is one of the best places to retire in Central America.   Beautiful Nicaraguan beach homes, condos, climate, weather, location, cost of living, landscape are just a few of the great reasons to retire in Nicaragua. 

 Located just in Central America it is a 2.5 hour flight to the US makes it the perfect retirement destination.Every week there is a new article coming out of the Financial Times, MSNBC Money or some other respected institution on the best places to retire.  Nicaragua is near the top of all these articles.  There is a lot of advantages to retiring in Nicaragua:  climate, affordable healthcare and low cost of living.

Best Places to Retire Nicaragua Magazine

If what people say is true that warm weather makes them happier then Nicaragua is the perfect place to retire.  Nicaragua is blessed with year round warm weather.  This is an important for senior citizens that are looking warm climate location to settle down.  The cold weather can have a negative affect peoples bodies as they get older.  As a result they look for these warm exotic places to retire.  Retirees can purchase beach front condos at a fraction of the cost it would be in the US and still much lower than in Costa Rica.  An exotic, tropical retirement home is appealing to many.

Affordable and good healthcare is among the key factors for prospective retirees.   The Vivian Pellas Metropolitan Hospital in Managua provides top notch medical care.   The hospital is in the process of working with US health insurance providers so that retirees can continue to use there US health insurance in Nicaragua.  However, those who do not have US health insurance can still get more affordable healthcare than anywhere else.  Many of the doctors in the Metropolitan Hospital are bi-lingual and can help work with the needs and concerns that retirees may have.

Best of Nicaragua RetiringThe cost of living in Nicaragua is lower than in Costa Rica and much lower than in the US.  For those on a tight budget the Nicaraguan city of Leon was just featured in a Financial Times article on best places to retire for under $500 a month.  There are also great places along the beach to retire.  San Juan del Sur is really popular destination for foreigners.  It is located just two and a half hours from Managua.  There are also building developments where many foreigners buy a vacation home or a retirement home.  One example is Gran Pacifica and it is located just one hour from Managua.  Food costs are generally lower than in the US.  Eating out is also much lower than it would cost in the US.  In many places one can get a three course meal for the price for half of what it would cost in the US.  If these are not good enough reasons, Nicaragua has passed several laws that are favorable to retirees including paying no taxes on income earned outside of the country.

There are so many more reasons why people have chosen Nicaragua as a destination to retire but these are just a few of the key reasons.

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