Rio San Juan, Nicaragua

Rio San Juan (San Juan River) is located at the southern end of Lake Nicaragua and connects the lake with the Caribbean.  It is in the middle of a rain forest with so many species of animals and plants. 

Rio San Juan Rain Forest

The best way to get to the Rio San Juan is to either take a short flight from the Managua airport or take a ferry across the lake from Granada to San Carlos.  San Carlos is a port town where the lake and the river meet.  From there you can take boat tours down the river and learn about the history of this area of Nicaragua.  It is down this river that sharks would come down towards the lake.  Lake Nicaragua has been known as one of  the few fresh water lakes with sharks.  No sharks have been seen in the lake for years.  Along the river there are many different eco-friendly hotels with each one offering different amenities and tours along the river.

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  1. Roberto says:

    Lake Nicaragua is not the only place where one can find freshwater sharks. Shark freshwater hot spots include places like the Mississippi River in the U.S., the rivers of Natal in South Africa, the Tigris River system of southern Iraq, and multiple other freshwater bodies in India, China, Indonesia, West Africa, New Guinea, the Philippines and Australia.

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