Skydive in Nicaragua

Early next year Barceló Montelimar Resort will be hosting a skydiving event.  The event will take place from March 2nd through March 12th 2012 and all are welcome to sign up. 

Skydive in Nicaragua 2012It is like a skydiving vacation package.  The cost of the package is $2300 and includes

Airport transfer to and from Montelimar
20 skydives from 13,000 feet
All food and drinks
Variety of different jumps

This is a great deal because of the amount of jumps one can do.  In many places in the world you couldn’t even do that many jumps for that price and here not only do you get that but you get an all inclusive resort stay included.  For those who love skydiving they should definitely take advantage of this great opportunity.  The skydiving part of the trip will be handled by the Tsunami Skydivers group out of Coronado, California.  A minimum of a “B” license is required as well as water training.  Family members who wish to go but not participate in the skydiving can do so for $1300.  At night and between jumps there is plenty of time to spend by the pool, in the restaurant or at night enjoying one of the shows put on by the staff of the resort.

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