Spanish Beach Holidays – Where Should You Go?

Tourism is the primary component of Spain’s economy. A large portion of its tourism is based on the visitors to Spain’s beach towns and resorts. The constant mild climate is attractive to many on holiday from colder north European climes as well as to many vacationers from other points on the planet. Spain’s best beach towns and resorts are ideal places to forget about the cold for a bit.

On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea is the Salou municipality. Here you will find several beaches peppered with coves here and there. Because it enjoys a Mediterranean climate, Salou is great for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving all year long. Beaches aren’t the only attractions in Salou, as it is where Port Aventura is found. This theme park and resort provides roller coasters and other rides to those looking for a thrill. Here you will also find Fiesta Aventura, a nightly party presenting fireworks, and parades. Salou is well-known for its promenade which borders the coast and provides relaxing sightseeing.

More vibrant beaches can be found in Almuñécar. This municipality enjoys mild winters and extensive summers which allow for all the time in the world for beach fun. The most popular beach there is Puerta del Mar because it sits near the shopping and social happenings. Breathtaking sea life finds a home in the coves around Almuñécar, and snorkelers and scuba divers flock to these waters to take in the sights. Only by taking a boat can you arrive at some of these coves, adding an exotic flair to the trip. Aqua Tropic, the local water park, allows visitors to bask in a hot tub, shoot down water slides, and take a thrill ride.

With 2.8 miles of beaches, Barcelona is one of Spain’s most popular cities. Those beaches even caused National Geographic to name it the best beach town in the world. In 1992, the Summer Olympics came to Barcelona, and several buildings were demolished to accommodate them. This created even more beachfront in the city. Beach activities are fun, of course, but Barcelona has much more to it than that. Museums that reflect Spain’s rich history and culture are open to tourists, as are various botanical, urban, and forest parks.

Spain’s best beach towns maintain continuous success based on the climate and number of outdoor and shopping opportunities found in them. Clubs, water parks, and beaches are just a portion of the wonderful attractions found in Spanish beach towns. The beach towns and resorts are a can’t miss holiday.

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