Steps For Moving to Nicaragua – Step 1

Many tourists who visit Nicaragua end up wanting to make it their new home.  Whether they are looking to retire in Nicaragua or just looking for an adventurous life they cannot find living in the US.  If you want to do the same, before moving to Nicaragua you should consider all factors involved in making such a big decision.  You must remember that living in Nicaragua means you will be far from loved ones.  In Nicaragua life moves a little slower which is what people like but it also means getting things done takes longer.  You should always consider that cons of living in Nicaragua to make sure you are prepared for this unique adventure.  If you have considered some of these factors then your first step is to MAKE A PLAN!

Moving to Nicaragua Step 1

First, establish a target date to move to Nicaragua and work towards moving down at that time.  It’s okay if your date ends up moving back but it is good to have a time table to get done what you have to in the US before moving down.  This includes finishing up where you are currently working, finding a job in Nicaragua (if that’s what you want), figuring out where you want to live in Nicaragua (usually people already have an idea of where they want to live from visiting).

Secondly, figure out how long can you live without any income.  If you move to Nicaragua you are likely to have no income coming in every month for a while.  You should have a decent amount of savings to make this happen.  In Nicaragua your money goes further and you can live comfortably on $1000 a month.  This would include renting a place to live, food, internet, cable television, gas and other costs.  This seems like a pretty great deal but remember you will have many other costs leading up to your move.  Airfares (and luggage costs), buying a car, shipping costs (if you want to have large belongings sent to Nicaragua, and taking a pet with you are just a few of things to consider before moving to Nicaragua.  For some this is common sense but it is important because you don’t want your dream of living abroad to come to an end after three month because you ran out of money.

Moving to NicaraguaNext, before moving down figure out what you want to do when you move to Nicaragua.  Do you want to work for non-profit organization or be a real estate agent in Nicaragua?  Regardless of what it is, definitely have a plan for what you want to do because even as great as Nicaragua is you will get bored if you have nothing to do.  There is only so much surfing, exploring and eating you can do over the course of living in Nicaragua.  Many Americans have their own businesses in Granada and San Juan del Sur that keep them busy.  Many of them own hotels, restaurants, bakeries, surf camps, and real estate companies.  Others are actively involved in charitable causes in the community.  Once you move down it shouldn’t be hard to find a way to get involved but its good to have an idea before even stepping foot in Nicaragua.

Lastly, before arriving in Nicaragua stay in communication with others (especially those living in the area you want to live in) in the country that made the big move.  They can provide invaluable advice and help you find a place to live before evening arriving.

In summary here is what to consider before moving to Nicaragua

1) Make a Plan!
2) Finances – Do you have enough to make it happen?
3) Budget – Plan on living without any income for a few months
4) Day to Day Life – Figure out what you want to do in Nicaragua
5) Speak with others who have made the move to Nicaragua

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