Surfing Southern Nicaragua – Panga Drops

Panga Drops is within the Hacienda Iguana Beach Resort and is only accessible to those who own property or are staying in the resort.  The only other way to access this wave is by boat which is what many of the surf camps do.  This wave breaks far out in the water and is a powerful wave.  It can get up to triple overhead with the right swell.  This wave is not for those who are just starting out surfing.

Surfing Southern Nicaragua Panga Drops

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  1. dale dagger says:

    Nice accurate description of Ponga Drops but the photo is suspect.
    It would be really hard to get that angle on the wave at ponga drops with out setting up in a tree.
    Maybe one of the new houses on the beach but I bet someone just gave you a generic shot of Playa Colorado… just the photo fan coming out in me

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