The Best of Granada Nicaragua

You cannot take a trip to Nicaragua and not take in the best of Granada attractions.  You can hike the Mombacho Volcano or enjoy a delicious meal at any of the best Granada restaurants.  You may also enjoy a tour of the islands off Granada in Lake Nicaragua.

At the foot of the Mombacho Volcano and at the edge of Lake Nicaragua it is like no other colonial city.  Granada is also close to Nicaragua’s best beaches.  Nicaragua’s most beautiful colonial city Granada has a lot to offer.  Founded in 1524, the colonial architecture surrounds you on all sides the moment you arrive.   All of the old cathedrals have been around since the city was founded.  Most of the buildings are all painted different, vibrant colors making it a beautiful sight to behold.

Best of Granada Nicaragua

Once you arrive to the central park you have many options.  You can begin by taking a tour of town on a horse carriage ride.  The carriages drivers are usually ready to take anyone for a tour.  Along the way they will give you some of the history of the city and what you are seeing at the moment.  Once you get back you can have lunch in the park or one of the many surrounding restaurants.  The park is famous for serving a local Nicaraguan dish called Vigoron.  Vigoron is chicharrones (fried pork) and yucca served with a cabbage salad that has tomatoes, onion, and a vinegar chili dressing.  If that doesn’t interest you there are several restaurants around the park including RostiPollo, a popular chicken restaurant, or perhaps Burger King which is more familiar.

In the afternoon you can visit some of the historical locations in town.  There are many museums and cathedrals from colonial times.  The city suffered many attacks from English pirates who would come and raid the city.  They would come on boat from the lake.  On the edge of the lake there is a boardwalk where you can take a stroll and see just how impressive the lake is.  Another option is to take a boat ride through the little islands.  One of the islands was made as a lookout base in case the pirates were coming.  They would then warn the city to prepare for what was coming.  There is so much history in this city- take as much in as you can!

If you are planning on spending the night, there are many options for where to stay.  Around the park there are many classy hotels, many of which have pools inside the courtyards.  The Alhambra Hotel is right across the street from the park, the same side where the horse carriages hub located.  The Alhambra hotel has a nice a pool and a restaurant inside.  There are many other hotels similar to the Alhambra close to the park.

One of the hotspots to check out in Granada is O’Shea’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. This is an authentic Irish restaurant owned by an Irish man named Tommy. Tommy originally opened the locale as a smoothie bar and then converted it to a ful restaurant. They specialize in authentic Irish fish and chips.  Their menu has an assortment of different options.  There is something for everyone.  Check back in the future for promotions in Granada.

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