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León with all its history and tradition has some great little museums and sites for visitors.    These museums can give visitors more insight into the city and the region as a whole.  The museums, historical sites give visitors more perspective on their surroundings.  Most of these museums are not very large.  Visitors should not expect US style museums that cover a few city blocks.  Admission fees to the museums are usually around $1, maybe a little higher for some.  Here are the top museums to visit in León.

Nicaragua Magazine Best of Leon Nicaragua

 1)      Rubén Dario Museum

2)      The Museum of Legends and Traditions

3)      Casa Salud DeBayle

4)      House of Culture

5)      Center of Art Foundation Ortiz Gurdián

The Rubén Dario Museum  is by far one of the most popular museums for tourists to visit in León.  Dario spent much of his young formative years in León before traveling the world.  The house he lived in became the site to this museum in 1964.  The building has been preserved in its colonial style.  Inside the museum guests will be treated to some his writings and belongings.  Dario’s belongings that can be found in the museum include his bed, writings and books, including his Bible

The Museum of Legends and Traditions is a place where visitors can learn a different side to the city of León.  The museum is located inside what used to be a prison during the Somoza dictatorship.  Here guests can learn about crazy stories and traditions of León including the beheaded priest, the golden crocodile, and many other myths.  Admission into the museum includes a tour guide that will give you and overview and history.  Many of the rooms can be described like something out of Halloween theme.  Families with young kids should probably do not want to come to this museum but for those who like to learn about crazy myths and stories that are home to León should visit this museum.

The Casa Salud DeBayle was the home to Dr DeBayle, the first doctor in Central America.  He offered free medical attention to the poor in the area and is regarded as folk hero.  The museum is housed in colonial building that is the home of wide range of pre-Columbian art.  Some of the artifacts visitors will see in this museum date back to 500 BC.  Spanish classes are available in the museum for those who will be in León for an extended period of time.

Nicargua Magazine Best of Leon NicaraguaThe House of Culture is a museum that promotes art and a culture.  There are art exhibits, murals, sculptures and more.  The museum offers different classes including dance, music and Spanish classes.  From time to time they have art exhibits where they will invite artists to come and show their work.

The Center of Art Foundation Ortiz Gurdián is an art museum.  The museum is housed in two colonial buildings.  One building takes guest on a tour of art through the times beginning with exhibits from thee 16th century and then moving forward in time.  The second building consists of more contemporary art.  This is a great place for art lovers to visit.

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