The Truth of William Walker

Before going to Nicaragua you need to know who William Walker was.  William Walker was born in 1824 in Nashville, Tennessee.  Nicaragua William WalkerHe graduated from the University of Nashville at the age of fourteen.  Walker was a very bright from a young age but it was his downfall.  He was very power hungry and in an age when slavery was nearing its end in the US, Walker was determined to establish English speaking colonies in Latin America where slavery would still be legal.  He first tried to let the Mexican government let him create a state their country where he could be president but they said no.  Walker went back to the US before returning with a small army.  He had some success before failing in Mexico.  In Nicaragua in 1856 Walker took advantage that there was a civil war going on between two political factions in León and Granada.  He went down with a small militia to “help” the Granada side but he quickly declared himself president.  That didn’t go over well and he was overthrown by the following year.  He then went on to do the same thing in Honduras but his fate was worse when he was executed in 1860.

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