Things to Watch out for in Nicaragua

Newcomers to Nicaragua learn many new things and experience new things.  Both good and bad.  Living or visiting in Nicaragua you have to watch out for certain things.  You may take certain aspects for granted living in a first world or a developing country.

Something as simple as fueling up at the gas station you may not realize you need to watch your guard. In Nicaragua you have employees of the gas station that pump your gas.  Sometimes gas attendants won’t give you your moneys worth.  They may try a few different tricks.  One of them is to just start the pump wherever it was from the previous vehicle.  Lets say you will put in 500 cordobas but the vehicle before you only put in 200.  The attendants may try to just keep running the pump from the previous total up to what you want to put in so in this example you would only get 300 cordobas of gas even though you paid for 500.  Another trick is to stop the pump before your total is up and then hope you don’t notice.

These are just a few tricks they may try.  I recently went to the Uno gas station at km 10 on the South Highway. When I pulled to the pump I pulled a little to far ahead so it was hard to see the numbers on pump station. However, I did see it was at 0.00.  I told the man I wanted to put in $20 or about 490 cordobas.  So he started filling it up from 0.00 but it only went to 250 cordobas.  Once it got to 250 it would be have been easy to just hand over the $20 without looking back at the pump.  The attendant apologized and said it was an accident.  He proceeded to add the remaining amount.  It’s possible its an honest mistake on the attendants.  Whether it was or wasn’t, you just need to do your due diligence and you shouldn’t be taken for a ride at the gas station.  To make sure you don’t get played always make sure the pump is at 0.00 when it begins and check at the end to make sure it is the right amount.

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