Traveling To Nicaragua Can Be Affordable!

Everyone should have the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua, but so many who wish they could travel have their dreams dashed by the reality of being on a tight budget. A limited budget does not mean that you have to live your life without getting to see Nicaragua and all it has to offer. Use the tips below to plan a vacation without breaking the budget.Travel in Nicaragua

Travel during the off-seasons of each particular destination. Nicaragua’s off season is also its raining season and runs from May through November. Holidays will also raise the cost of traveling, so plan your trip during the months that are not considered to be peak traveling seasons. Also many hotels in Granada and San Juan del Sur raise their rates during Christmas and Easter Week. You will be surprised at how much money you can save by avoiding certain dates and seasons. Late September is a great time to get the most bang for your buck on vacations.

If you can be flexible about the dates that you plan to travel, you may find that leaving a week or so sooner or later than you had planned will save you tremendously. Look online to get ideas for when the most affordable time to travel will be for you.

Check with friends and relatives to see if you can stay with them instead of paying for a hotel. Even if you can use their home as a place to stop for a rest, you will benefit from having the option available to you.

Instead of eating in restaurants for every meal, try to buy your food at grocery stores. You can eat for much less money by doing it this way. There are ready made meals available in many grocery stores that you can just buy, heat and eat.

The cost of renting a car can be affordable if you are in a large group by dividing up the costs. However, if there is just a few of you it might be best to use public transportation. Also if you will not be moving around much while you are in Nicaragua, there is really no reason to rent car.

Explore Nicaraguan attractions that don’t require an entrance fee or a guide. The churches in Granada or Leon, many of the beaches in and around San Juan del Sur.   You can also explore certain areas of the volcanoes without needing a guide.

Do not allow your budget to keep you from taking a Nicaraguan vacation. Use the tips you found here to plan a vacation that you and your family can enjoy without spending more than you can afford.

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