Traveling to Nicaragua in November?

November is a great time to visit Nicaragua for many reasons.  First it is the end of the raining season so you are less likely to get the constant downpours from that you would in October.  With the raining season just ending the countryside is still lush, green and beautiful.  At the same time the climate begins to cool down a bit and definitely more enjoyable.

Visiting Nicaragua in November

If the climate and weather has not convinced you then maybe lower airfares would.  Airlines always have cheaper tickets to Nicaragua in November as opposed to December.  Tickets to Nicaragua from northern states like Oregon can be found for $400 as opposed to nearly $1000 around Christmas time.  Hotels also have higher rates during peak seasons which include Christmas and New Years.  If you are not convinced yet, for surfers the waves are better in November than in December and there are less crowds out in the water.  Surf camps usually run through the end of October and after that there are less foreigners coming through Nicaragua to surf.  In December you have a lot of locals in the water around the holidays but the waves are not that great.

If you have the opportunity to visit Nicaragua any time of the year, do it! 

Reasons to visit Nicaragua in November

1) Climate – Cooler with less rain but everything is still green
2) Affordability – airfare, hotels and attractions
3) Decent waves, less crowds and possible better rates at surf camps
4) Less bugs this time of year
5) You can still do all the fun attractions

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