US Concerned Over Voting Irregularities in Nicaraguan Election

The US is concerned over irregularities in the Nicaraguan election but officials did not want to make an official comment until all the ballots had been counted. 

Nicaraguan Election Irregularities

Among the alleged irregularities were voter intimidation and multiple ballots for Sandinistas voters.  There are also reports that members of other political parties were not able to be in the room during the ballot counts. 

Results show Ortega receiving 63 percent of the vote and the closest member of the opposition Fabio Gadea received 31 percent.  Gadea has refused to accept the results saying they were a fraud because of all the voting irregularities.  Sunday night into Monday Ortega supporters were in the streets celebrating the Ortega victory and five more years of Sandinista rule.  Others fear the worst that this could be the beginning of a dictatorship.  What the political climate in Nicaragua will be in five years is anyone’s guess.

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