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Staying at the Villas de Palermo is an experience in itself.  Nestled on the side of the hill, it has the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean along with a cool breeze in the evening, making it an ideal spot to spend your vacation.

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The facilities in the resort are state of the art for Nicaragua.  The rooms are equipped with air conditioning with thermostat controls to get the room at just the right temperature you want it to be.  In many places there is no control so you are constantly turning it off and on because it gets too cold.  That is just an added perk.  If the AC is too much, then you can just use the ceiling fan.  You will also be able to take hot showers.  In addition, many off the villas come with granite countertops and custom-made wood cabinets.  The furniture in the complex was purchased from Simplemente Madera, which makes the best wood furniture in the country.

There is wireless internet throughout the resort to stay in touch with friends and family back home.  You will need to ask the concierge for the password.   There are televisions and DVD players in the room to watch movies, shows or the news in between your daily activities.

There is an onsite restaurant next to the pool where you can get some food and drinks in between dips in the water.  Just like most places on the property there is a great view of the surrounding area from the restaurant and pool.  The menu in the restaurant is extensive.  Children and adults alike will find something they really want to try.  Definitely try the ceviche appetizer.  The prices in the restaurant are very affordable by US standards.  The most expensive entrée is a filet mignon for $11.50.  In most other countries it would at least twice the price.  It is just another reason to choose Nicaragua as your next vacation destination.

During the day there is a wide variety of activities in which you can participate.  You can do the canopy tour on the hills right outside of town.  As you are going on the zip lines there is a great view of the coastline and the ocean in the horizon.  You can also take advantage of the great waves that are on the coast.  Nearby is the Maderas Beach, which is one of the most popular surf breaks in the San Juan del Sur area.  You can also arrange day tours to other areas.  You can visit the charming colonial city of Granada or visit some of the impressive volcanoes Nicaragua has to offer.  Villas de Palermo is great place, suited for large groups with its fifty 2-bedroom villas including wheel chair accessible villas.  Rates vary by the number in your group.

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