Visiting Nicaragua Today

Nicaragua is a wonderful country that has advanced light years when it comes to attracting foreign visitors. During the 1980’s there was only a handful of foreigners throughout the entire country and pretty much all of them were not visiting Nicaragua for pleasure. Most were journalists, missionaries, diplomats, or goodwill ambassadors.

Visiting Nicaragua Today

Nicaragua is still trying to shed its reputation as dangerous and unsafe country but today this beautiful, triangle shaped country attracts thousands of visitors every week. Visitors want to see the beautiful Pacific coastline, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee grown in the mountains, take a tour of the Isletas off Granada or just want to take in some of that rich Nicaraguan culture. Other countries may boast more tourist attractions but few can boast the rich and beautiful culture that helps set Nicaragua apart. In Nicaragua, its poets are more famous than its sports stars. Ask any Nicaraguan about Rubén Dario and they will probably start reciting some of his works including “Azul”. How many Americans can name a famous poet? Quote some of their work? Could they pick them out of a lineup of images? Nicaraguans can answer yes to all three of those questions. Rubén Darío’s image and words are plastered all over textbooks, banners and billboards. There are even statues of him around the country.

Nicaragua Today

Nicaraguans aren’t looking to hide their culture and tradition from the rest of the world. They embrace it and want to share it with the rest of the world, even things as wacky as La Gigantona parading down the street or the urban myth like not ironing barefoot because you might get sick. Come to Nicaragua, enjoy a rich culture and history lesson in Granada and Léon but it doesn’t stop there. This land of lakes and volcanoes boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in world. Many of these beautiful beaches boasts world class surf waves and every year attract more and more surfers from around the globe. Professional surfers use their off time for a surf trip to Nicaragua. Most countries would love to just have Nicaragua’s beaches but Nicaragua has even more to offer. Throughout the Pacific side of the country there is a line of volcanoes that extends from the Costa Rican border all the way to the border with Honduras. Ometepe Island is the largest fresh water island in the world! It also has two volcanoes, Concepción and Maderas that call this tropical island home. The best part is that all the volcanoes are completely different from each other. You have active volcanoes like the Masaya Volcano that is constantly blowing smoke or there is the Mombacho Volcano that is home to cloud forest. We can go on and on about how different each volcano is from one another but they are all worth exploring! If you are on Ometepe you may consider an overnight boat ride further south to the Rio San Juan where you can explore Nicaragua’s version of the Amazonian jungle. There is so much wildlife and natural beauty to explore along this river. Centuries ago English pirates woud sail up the river on their way to invading Granada.

Visiting Nicaragua Today

Don’t forget to explore northern Nicaragua, including a tour through Somoto Canyon or a hike through the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, the largest in Central America. You will be able to observe unbelievable wildlife in its natural habitat. No matter how hard a zoo in a first world country may try to imitate this experience, it just isn’t the same. If you still have time on your Nicaragua trip, make the journey to the Caribbean coast. The Pacific and Caribbean are separated by a few hundred kilometers but might as well be a different country. Those living on the Caribbean have a different background and history but still boast a rich history and tradition. The beauty in this region of the country is astounding much of which has been seen by few people. Even most Nicaraguans never make a trip to this part of the country. From Bluefields take a boat ride out to Corn Island which boasts some of the clearest waters in the world. Amazing snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing for visitors. It definitely has that laid back island lifestyle.

If this doesn’t convince you about visiting Nicaragua, then look at pictures and if that doesn’t I don’t know what will…

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