Volcanic Lagoons in Managua Nicaragua

The city of Managua has several volcanic lagoons throughout the city. Most of the lagoons have similar names and it can be easy to get them mixed up, especially if you are new to the country.

Laguna de Nejapa
The Nejapa Lagoon is located on your way out of town towards the South Highway. Just like the other lagoons in Managua it is located at the bottom of a steep crater. One year during the early 1990’s there was a drought that nearly dried up the entire lagoon. The lagoon was home to thousands of turtles and during the drought they were rescuing all turtles they could that used to swim in the water but were now in lodged in the mud. People were encouraged to come and adopt a few turtles. At the top of this crater lake is a dormant volcano, the Cerro Motastepe. During the 1980’s on the side of Motastepe the letters “FSLN” were painted on the rocks. The letters were huge and visible from across the crater as you were driving up the South Highway. During the 1990’s the rocks and paint began to crumble away and is no longer there but ask anyone who was around then and they can tell you about it. There is a great brick oven pizza restaurant called Meson Sur and it has a great view overlooking this lake.

Laguna de Tiscapa
The Tiscapa Lagoon is the located in the center of town near PriceSmart and the Military Hospital. A few years ago a zip-line was installed at the top of the crater that goes across the lake to the bottom at the other side. Many don’t know this but in the 1980’s Tiscapa was a popular place to go swimming.

Laguna de Asososca
The Asososca Lagoon is right near the American Embassy below Las Piedrecitas Park at the bottom of a steep volcanic crater. This lagoon is fenced off and closed to the public, protected because it is one of the main sources of water consumption for the city of Managua. Centuries ago this lagoon was used for religious ritual by the indigenous people and there are rumors that more recently there were alligators in the lake.

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