Volcano Surfing in Nicaragua

An attraction gaining popularity in Nicaragua for visitors is volcano surfing down the Cerro Negro Volcano.  This volcano is located near León and a great option for thrill seekers.  Tours can be arranged from León with numerous different tour providers.  They will take you to Cerro Negro Volcano where you will climb to the top of this sand and ash covered volcano. 

Upon reaching the top the guides will give a safety demonstration on the boards and from there people can start riding the boards down the volcano.  They provide jumpsuit for your protection in case you were to fall off the board.  Participants can either sit on the board as they ride down or standing up as you would on a surfboard or snowboard.  This is a fun activity for groups and can be done in just half a day leaving the group with the afternoon and evening to do something else.

Best Volcano Surfing in Nicaragua

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