What to know before buying property in Nicaragua?

Before buying property in Nicaragua you should do your do diligence to make sure you are taking the proper steps.  Here is a few things to know before buying property in Nicaragua.

1) Never buy from someone you don’t know.  At least have someone that you know that can vouch for that person.  It is possible to buy property from someone who isn’t the rightful owner of the property to start with.  Be careful!

2) Have a respected local lawyer that can look over paper work to make sure everything is in order and so you will not get ripped off.

3) Be careful buying property where this multiple owners.  This can happen in Nicaragua and it is recommended to stay away from buying property like this.

4) If you are purchasing an empty lot establish ownership immediately by building a wall or fence around the property.  If not its possible you may get squatters and that creates a whole new set of problems.

5) If you are not in the country year round, have someone that you trust that can look over the property while you’re not around.  Whether it is a guardian that lives on the property year round or a neighbor it is always good to make sure there are eyes on your property at all times.

6) Always make sure to keep your paperwork and property title is up to date by paying the property taxes each year which are very reasonable.

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