Where to Visit in Nicaragua Guide

Nicaragua offers travelers and visitors many different fun attractions to see.  How to maximize a trip depends on the type of traveler one is.  Here is a guide on what to see and do depending on your definition of an ideal vacation.

Best Places to Visit in NIcaragua

Adventure Seekers
First Class Travelers

Adventure seekers are probably best suited to explore many of the volcanoes in Nicaragua.  The ones on Ometepe are the best because you can have two amazing volcanoes right next to each other and one can do some kayaking on a river that runs between them.  On the Maderas Volcano there is also the San Ramon Waterfall to see and take refreshing dip in the water.  There is also plenty of adventure to be had on the Rio San Juan where you can see amazing wild life in the middle of the Amazonian style rain forest.  Other options to explore are the island of Zapaterra, the Somoto Canyon and the Rio Coco up north on border between Honduras and Nicaragua.  Adventure seekers may also want to give surfing a try.  Check out the surfing section in the magazine.

Eco-travelers have a variety of options to choose from as well but the best eco friendly destinations are on the island of Ometepe and the Rio San Juan.  On the island of Ometepe one can choose from multiple different places to stay.  Each of them is a varying degree of eco friendly.  The extreme environmentally friendly lodges don’t even have running water.  However, most don’t go to that extreme but it is up to you on what type of eco-friendly vacation you want to have.  On the beach Morgan’s Rock is the most “luxurious” places to stay.  Their facilities and activities are among the best for travelers under this category.  Morgan’s Rock has won numerous awards and been named among the top eco-friendly destinations in the world.  Another option is the unique hotel that is the Jicaro Island Ecolodge on one of the islands off of Granada with the Mombacho Volcano as a backdrop.  An eco-lodge that has this setting and location will be hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Best Places to Visit in Nicaragua

First class travelers who want to stay in the nicest hotels and have every detail of their trip arranged by an outside party can enjoy Nicaragua to the max.  Upon arriving in Managua there are numerous great chain hotels like the Intercontinental Hotel or the Princess Hotel.  There are also beautiful luxurious boutique hotels to choose from.  Along the beach one of the options is the Barceló Montelimar Resort.  Montelimar’s facilities are not five stars but it is an all inclusive resort with a beautiful pool and a wide open beach perfect for early morning or evening walks.  Pelican Eyes Resort in San Juan del Sur is smaller resort but the facilities are they do have are much nicer.  The food, the view, the pool and the rooms are all among the best in Nicaragua.  Pelican Eyes can also arrange sailing trips for guests where they can see the beautiful Nicaraguan coastline from the comfort of a boat.  The sailing trips come with drinks and delicious food for guests to enjoy.  Granada also has many beautiful boutique hotels with amazing restaurants within walking distance.

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