Why Buy Real Estate in Nicaragua

Nicaragua real estate is just what everyone is looking for.   San Juan del Sur beachfront properties for sale in as well as Granada real estate.  Vacation homes and retirement homes are available.   The number of foreigners coming into Nicaragua looking to purchase real estate in Nicaragua has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last 10 years.  It his hard to find a House Hunters show or a  Travel channel program that does not feature vacation or retirement homes in Nicaragua. 

Real Estate Information for Nicaragua

Most of the real estate foreigners are looking for is along the coast.  There is many building developments popping up and down the coast.  Gran Pacifica, Hacienda Iguana Golf and Beach Resort and Rancho Santana are already up and running.  Others like the Grupo Mariana are beginning to start building.  Grupo Mariana is going to have a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus.  

The prices on these vacation or retirement homes and condos are affordable compared to other countries.  The prices are even lower if you purchase it before building begins.  Grupo Mariana is selling beachfront condos for $99,000.  These prices will probably go up once they get further along in the development.  Those who purchase early will get the better prices. 

Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort has the advantage of already having condos build up already, as well as homes.  They have also completed 9 holes on the golf course.  If you are looking for something already built up then this may be what best suits your needs.  Gran Pacifica also offers a restaurant and pool for use to all members of the Gran Pacifica community.  Some of the homes built in the development have there own private pools.  One thing to factor in when considering beach front property is the distance from Managua.  Gran Pacifica is the closest located under an hour drive from the city. 

Other developments like the Iguana Golf and Beach Resort and Rancho Santana are just as built up but further away from town.  They offer pools, golf course, condos, and homes just like Gran Pacifica.  These developments are further along in there developments and have a little more to offer than Gran Pacifica and Grupo Mariana.  They also offer a great beach to take a walk on. 

Granada is also a great place to retire or purchase a second home.  Its location next to Lake Nicaragua and at the foot of the Mombacho volcano provide beautiful backdrop to these homes.  Granada real estate offers homes with the colonial architecture.  Many of these homes come with a courtyard inside the building.  In the courtyard there is usually beautiful garden in the center with patio area that wraps around it. 

So why should you buy in Nicaragua?  If money is an issue, then Nicaragua is the best bang for your buck.   If its safety, then consider Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Latin America.  Does location factor matter?  If so Nicaragua is just a two and a half hour flight from the US.  You can be in an office meeting in the morning and be out in the ocean by the late afternoon.  Please check back in the near future for real estate listings.

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